Our Year of Stories – 23/52

AnnMarie Denis
I recently purchased the sigma 15 mm fisheye lens and I am just in awe of what it has done for me. Not only has it made me see things in a new perspective, but it has given me back the drive and passion that photography always seems to ignite in me. As most photographers know, we go through slumps and we struggle to find the motivation to pick up our camera to shoot what we ALWAYS shoot. Well this little baby of mine, has given me that love all back. I can’t wait to capture my boys with this new perspective. I love that it has done this for me. I also kind of feel like this lens was made especially for me. It so perfectly helps me capture the chaos on larger than life emotions of my boys.


Carey Pace
He patiently teaches her how to fish. She hasn’t mastered how to keep some tension on the line, not allowing to much slack. She hasn’t mastered the quick yank, setting the hook. She’ll get there one day soon enough. But for now, he gently guides, encourages, and makes her feel like a warrior princess who isn’t afraid to catch her own dinner.

Cynthia Dawson
This girl loves to dig in the dirt looking for worms. It has become a staple of her outdoor fun. She loves to lift up rocks and shovel down as far as she can until she has discovered those slivering little creatures. When she was busy digging at her aunt’s house for worms, she came across a slug. She sat and explored its features while talking to it. I remember being a kid doing the same thing with slug. They were fascinating how they moved and the trail of slime they left behind. It’s so fun to watch her as she explores these little creatures.


Mel Karlberg
This porch is the most used room in our home, especially during summer.  These are the memories of childhood I hope they hold into adulthood – a carefree, beautifully chaotic blur of crafts and sprinklers and bikes and easygoing friends.

Meredith Rockefeller
Memorial Day marked the official start to the summer league swim and dive season.  She’s in the water almost three hours a day, six days a week for her year-round team; summer league adds an extra hour a day, with new teammates and extra fun.  There’s always something in her stuff that smells like chlorine, and I know she wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m just glad she found something she loves as much as dive.

Meredith Rockefeller

Sherri Davis
Tis the season. Wrapping up everything. Saying goodbye for the summer. Cub scouts is done. Dance now too. The recital is over. Checking off another milestone. Still a couple of field trips, and a splash pad day for the entire school coming up. 12 Days of school left, but who’s counting.Sherri Davis Photography-2

Tess Runion
A deep story today…..cold shoulder tops. Love them! Wonder if this time next year we’ll laugh at these! Oh and 3 more school day! Hollaaaaaaa!!!!






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