“Come with me,” he said.  His eyes beckoned you forth, revealing neither delight nor trepidation, only the possibilities of wonder yet lived. “But the window is closed,” your voice forced through the glass. “How can I join?”

“Simply reach forward,” he said. “Push.  It will open.  It always does, when you ask it to.”

Stories matter.

Our hearts were made for Story. Story communicates truth and light and hope and a shared experience unlike anything else. Story breaks down barriers. Story loosens our facades. Story gently nudges itself in, imperceptible, until all we know is that we are surrounded by it and it is magnificent. Story reveals.

An image can be pleasing to the eye.  But it is the Story held within that image that gives context and meaning to what we see.  Story allows images to step into their full glory.  Story is what makes an image stay with you.  Story is why images grab at your heart and return to your mind at the most unexpected of moments. Story is everything.

Our Year of Stories is a collaborative photography project of 15 artists from around the world who believe in the power of stories and have committed themselves to improving their craft of storytelling.  Weekly in 2017, they share their stories here on this blog in the hope that you, too, will be touched by what Story has to offer.


AnnMarie Denis – Ontario, Canada

Carey Pace – Virginia, USA

Cynthia Dawson – Ohio, USA

Julie Mak – New York, USA

Julie Moses – California, USA

Kelly Jacobi – Wisconsin, USA

Laura Mood – Florida, USA

Lynzi Berg – New York, USA

Mel Karlberg – Oklahoma, USA

Meredith Rockefeller – Virginia, USA

Piper Anne – Texas, USA

Renee Bonuccelli – Alberta, Canada

Sherri Davis – Ontario, Canada

Sonja Stich – Barcelona, Spain

Tess Runion – Virginia, USA

2016 Year of Stories Project


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