Our Year of Stories – 22/52

Tess Runion
These two are wanna be ballers. The cracked driveway, court drawn with chalk, evening light and the sound of the ball while I’m inside making dinner is just too much love for me.


Carey Pace
We bought this red dress in mid 2014 for our family photo session and she’s worn it every summer since. It twirls like no dress we’ve ever seen. She just continues to grow longer and not wider which extends the life of many of her clothes. Last fall after 3 years of service it finally became evident that it had grown to short for propriety. I happened to catch the very same dress on sale a couple weeks ago and ordered it again in a new size in two colors. She chose a blue and the red, again. The blue was too small (and rather see-through!) so it was returned, but the red resumes its rightful place as the best dress in the history of dresses. There’s nothing else like that pop of red in our sea of green, and we are both the happier for it.

Carey Pace

Cynthia Dawson
During the summer, the setting sun dances on the front of our house. The windows and light create magical little pockets. I stepped out the front door to take in the sun set on this night but he didn’t like that. He wanted to come with me and shouted through the window for his momma. He is my little buddy and loves to be wherever I am. Having a toddler in the house can be so tiring but when you are showered with so much unconditional love, it makes it all worth it.

Julie Mak
Maybe I’m feeling sentimental as we are nearing your 11th birthday, it’s over a decade that I became a mom. When I look at you, I still see traces of the infant and toddler that you were, but I am now also starting to see glimpses of the young man that you are becoming. I watch you and am awed by the way your mind works and fascinated by the thoughts and ideas that come out of your mouth. I never expected that you would shape me even more than I thought I was supposed to shape you. No one’s more surprised than I am at how much sports I watch these days! Happy birthday, love.

Mel Karlberg
Well, that’s a wrap – last game of the season!  I have never witnessed him grow so much during a sports season.  The focus, the skills, the commitment to the game – I couldn’t be more proud of those accomplishments.  But what I’m most proud of is his character.  He’s a team player , not considering the personal glory of a hit or throw, but most concerned about whether those actions help the team win.  I also love that he realized half-way through the game that his pants were on backwards (“Hey, I never noticed these pants had a front pocket!”) and didn’t panic about looking silly – he just laughed at himself for being in too much of a hurry as he was getting dressed.

Meredith Rockefeller
Last week we moved after spending eight years in our current home.  It’s not a lifetime, and it wasn’t the only home my children have lived in, but it’s definitely the only one they remember.  They were toddlers when we moved, and it’s bittersweet for them as they leave behind friends, swim team, and their school.  That said, we are only moving 20 minutes away, so while there are big changes, they’re not that drastic.  To expedite the process, I packed for my boys, but my oldest packed herself.  I couldn’t resist capturing this moment, one of the last of her in her room at this house, as she packed her dresser.

Meredith Rockefeller


Sherri Davis
The Mountains. They are just outside my hotel window, as I lay here unable to sleep. This Wild, Wild province. And this city of skyscrapers and bridges, sitting precariously on the edge of the Wild. You can feel it in the air. The Wild. Off the beaten path means something different here than it does at home on the other side of the country. Or anywhere else for that matter. The jungles of Central America have nothing on the Sea to Sky majesty of BC.Sherri Davis_-4







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