Our year of stories – 34/52

Julie Mak
Holding on to the last days of summer with a last minute family camping trip. A little hectic but always worth it in the end. Hopefully these are the memories they will remember when they are older!

Mel Karlberg
These two, the best of friends, clad in tutus on a Friday afternoon, work together to create “The Longest Hopscotch Ever!”  The kindergarteners may have created this twisty-turny, unlike any hopscotch you’ve ever seen before, but even the 5th graders on the street are impressed as they maneuver their way through the endless one foot jumps and running lines between squares.

Meredith Rockefeller
School started yesterday, and today is overcast, rainy, and very cool for late August.  It’s eerily quiet here, too, with the usual cacophonous sounds of my summer all sitting in classrooms.  It’s hard to believe that this was just a few days again, as we were attempting to squeeze as much fun out of summer as possible.   Here’s to hoping it warms up for Labor Day and one final weekend of summer fun!Meredith Rockefeller

Sherri Davis
This week. A lesson in resiliency. Someone did something bad to us. But we survived. We were disturbed. Someone was outside our house while we were sleeping. Explaining this to kids, we can’t possibly understand. Those who are are being hurt, hurt others. Someone who has been violated, will violate others. Bad guys do exist. Not just in the movies. But complete strangers who are willing to help outnumber the bad ones.Sherri Davis Photography

Carey Pace
They took the canoe out on the neighborhood pond and inundated me with amazing sunset phone pictures of what I was missing. The best fishing he’s probably ever had, plus the largest fish he’s ever caught! A few days later, he asked if I could join him out on the pond with the canoe and take pictures, too. It is hard to describe how much I enjoy doing these things with him. He ended up so frustrated that evening because he only caught one tiny fish. But my heart was warmed by our time out on that water, just mother and son.

Cynthia Dawson
We have been getting used to a new routine around here. A new job and a new schedule for her daddy means some adjusting for her. So far she is doing really well! It feels like these last few weeks have been so busy. A big part of that feeling is because we were dropping daddy off at work. He had some very early mornings and that meant we had to be in the car with him too. On this morning, I watched the fog dance across the fields and lakes as the sun was just peeking over the horizon. It was a beautiful sight. I wanted to remember it so I pulled over and rushed her out of the car. She didn’t appreciate it though because she was distracted by the dew on her feet. I like to think when she is older and looks at this image, she will appreciate the craziness of stopping on the side of the road to take in nature’s beauty, dew and all.








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