Our Year of Stories – 33/52

Cynthia Dawson
She was on a mission this summer to go down the big water slide at the city pool. The pool had a rule that to use the big slide, you have to know how to swim at least 10 yards. She worked so hard in swim class to get to that goal. I think looking at that big slide and watching tons of kids go down it each day was motivating for her. She waited and waited to take the swim test until after swim lessons were over. Yesterday was her day and she did it! She was so proud of herself. I watched her climb up those steps to the top of slide and joyfully go down with a huge smile on her face. Watching her meet her goal was wonderful to witness.

Julie Mak

They’re getting older and busier so we don’t read as much at bedtime as we used to. But every now and then we find a book that captures all of our interest and we make an effort to read it together. We were so riveted by this book we brought it around in the car with us, and the rain presented the perfect opportunity to sneak in a chapter.

Kelly Jacobi
This summer has been a blur. I had so many plans about all the big and little things we would do this summer. But this summer did not go at all as planned. not.at.all. We all go back to school in just fifteen days. With so little of summer break left, I find myself stressed about all the things we didn’t do. But I realized you guys aren’t stressed, nor do you feel like you missed out on anything this summer. You spent so much time on this trampoline, on your bikes, and running through the yard. We may not have made it to the lake and the pool and camping as many times as I would have liked, or some things at all. Maybe we only had two fires in our backyard with s’mores instead of every weekend. But summer isn’t about quantity, it’s not about filling your week with so many things to check off your to-do list. This summer didn’t go as planned, but we still made memories and soaked in the sun, so I am going to enjoy these last two weeks, each day in the moment instead of worrying what I can jam in to our days.

Mel Karlberg
I pulled them out of school for the eclipse.  She was excited before school, but when I came to pick them up, she was quite disappointed.
“Why did you pull me out of class?!?  We were just about to start Specials, MOM!”
“Well, do you want to go back to class?  I’ll take you back.”
Cue the sad face from Brother who really wanted this to be a huge event, one that wouldn’t be complete without her.
Thinking quickly, I said “What about after the big eclipse, we go somewhere for a treat?!?”
That got us out of there and she loved the eclipse enough to forget about the treat, but not Brother.
“Let’s go get Eclipse ice cream!  I’ll get a double scoop with colors that look like the sun and moon!”
And he did.  She was happy with her usual strawberry.

Meredith Rockefeller
We spent last week at Fenwick Island, DE.  Overall a relaxing, fun-filled week.  One afternoon is always dedicated to Fun Land in Rehoboth Beach.  Over the years their tastes have changed from the more mundane kid rides to the wildest, scariest, most thrilling rides Fun Land has to offer.  This is the Super Flip 360.  It was an immediate hit.

Meredith Rockefeller

Piper Anne
The house is quite this morning – so quite.  The first day of school means summer is over. For the first time in years we had all our kids home for the summer and I loved the countless moments like this – just hanging out and being together.  I’m going to miss this!


Sherri Davis
August. The Sunday of the summer. I’m dreading the day after Labour Day. Routine. Schedules. I don’t do well with those. Making lunches. Why is it such a chore? I make their lunch every day when they are at home without a problem. Although it is usually flying by the seat of my pants. And those early mornings. School starts at 8am. Still slumbering children dragging their feet out the door. But those foggy September mornings with dewdrop cobwebs without a breath of wind. Those are pretty special too.Sherri Davis Photography-2

As much as our summer has been full of adventure and awesome trips, it has also been full of small adventures around our neighbourhood. I keep trying to remind my kids that enjoying the simple things in life is almost more rewarding then going on special trips all the time. It’s not always about the chase and drive. If we can learn to unwind and relax in our home and enjoy the simple things in life, then we will always feel happy and at peace.


Carey Pace
It starts in March. We’ll have a warm spring day and she’ll ask if we can do the slip n slide. Our explanations of that while yes, the air temperature is lovely, the temperature of the water coming out of the hose would most certainly not be do nothing to quell her asking. When it finally does become warm enough come June, she wants to do this every single day. August in Virginia is just nasty-hot. They could stay out here for hours if we’d let them.










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