Our Year of Stories – 31/52

AnnMarie Denis
This past week Papa was on a work trip and to save my sanity I took you three to Grandma and Papas house. Trips to Grandma and Papa’s is always a great way to unplug, and spend some good ol fashioned family time together. We had picnics in the backyard, roasted hotdogs on the fire, we took walks in the neighbourhood and I realized just  how much you guys want a puppy. We had multiple swims in the lake and we even spent an afternoon riding on uncle Jesse’s new super cool toy, his jet ski. Levi I was so proud to see you step out of your comfort zone and try a ride on it. Paxton and Myles, I was not surprised at all that I couldn’t get you two off of it.


Carey Pace
He has become obsessed with fishing. He wants to go fishing every day. He doesn’t care if it is our neighborhood ponds, mountain rivers, or even the ocean on our vacation. But his mood rises and falls based on the success of his reels. Perhaps somehow slugging through the trials of a fisherman will impart on him some patience, perseverance, and determination despite setbacks. Because goodness knows that all the methods I’ve tried thus far to prevent his defeated spirit at the slightest hint of frustration haven’t worked thus far.

Cynthia Dawson
Nap time has been a struggle in our house recently. He tries his best to put off going to sleep. I have caught him playing, reading and sneaking television all while he was supposed to be sleeping. Some days I don’t even try because it is just so much work! Other days, I plan too many activities in the mornings in the hopes that he might rest in the afternoon. Sometimes that works and other times, I find this. Him asleep somewhere late in the day. I never have the heart to wake him so I watch him sleep and hope that bedtime isn’t too much of a struggle.

Julie Mak
A boy and his dog. He worked hard on this relationship and it has been amazing to watch the transformation. We had our dog before he was born, she was abandoned as a pup and we adopted her from a kill-shelter. She has always been reserved and timid, and when the boys came along she was often uncomfortable by their boisterous play. When he became old enough to realize that she was actually a separate creature with her own feelings, he started spending a lot of quiet time with her and taking care of her. She is getting older, and now instead of being hesitant, she trusts him and takes his lead. He always looks out for her and his empathy for her constantly surprises me.


Mel Karlberg
We sign all of our kids up for swimming lessons, but Grammy is probably right when she tells us learning with her in her pool is more effective than any lessons.

Meredith Rockefeller
It was a tough week as she watched friends compete at several big dive meets without her, but her cast is off, and she’s on the road to recovery.  First stop, water therapy to regain mobility and strength.  She won’t be diving on it again until mid-September, but her arm is on the road to recovery.  Her brothers were grateful that therapy involved play time for them, too!

Meredith Rockefeller

Sherri Davis
Summer just got a whole lot more fun!Sherri Davis Photography-2










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