Our Year of Stories 29/52

Piper Anne
We love to camp and have spent many nights under the stars in the Colorado mountains, so we were pretty sure we could master the art of beach camping.  We quickly learned mountain camping and ocean camping are two totally different things.  Luckily kids (even older kids) are preprogramed to love the water and they couldn’t have been happier to give this beach camping thing a try.


Sherri Davis
It’s tough being a farm kid. The cycle of life is a hard lesson to stand by and watch. Chickens, cats, the baby bird who fell out of her nest, not quite dead yet. There is nothing we can do though but let nature take it’s course. Everything is food for something else. We have 6 barn cats who used to be fluffy little kittens, but aren’t quite so little anymore, and their mom is pregnant again. Later tonight, the baby bird will most likely be their food. But eventually the kittens will be food for something else. A coyote. An eagle. Maybe the owl who likes to sit on the barn roof in the pitch dark. Possibly a fox, or a even a wolf. It may be harsh to hear, but life and nature are wild, we may think we have tamed this planet, but all around us the cycle continues, day in and day out.Sherri Davis Photography 1

AnnMarie Denis
Taking the time to relax and unwind and just be together in this beauty that surrounds us is what summer is about for us! This has been by far our best trip to the cottage yet. We would wake up, get in our suits and run to the beach to see what the tide dragged in for this day. We would laze around until noon and then take a break from the waves while we barbecued and then ate a delicious meal. Then it was back to the beach for us to splash and play until dinner time. Again, back to the cottage to unwind and take a break from the sun and to fill our bellies with scrumptious local food. Clean eating, clean air, warm sun and good company, just what the doctor ordered. Then we would walk back down to the beach one last time, floaties in hand for them and a glass of wine for me to watch the sun go down and say goodnight to another gorgeous day! Oh cottage how we love you!!!


Carey Pace
My children absolutely love the pool. I wish I loved the pool like they did, but I just don’t. It’s a place of playfulness that I struggle to be part of. I am not a rough and tumble type of interacter. I don’t tackle and chase. Plus, the temperature nearly always kills me. It’s hard to have fun when your shoulders are permanently affixed to your ears from being tensed due to feeling too cold. I’m thankful for this glorified ziplock camera bag I have that entices me to get IN the water. I may not play like Daddy does, still, but they sure do seem to enjoy me playing around with them trying to take their picture.

Julie Mak
Hard to believe we were on the Mediterranean coast less than two weeks ago. Boys are used to swimming in pools but they loved being on the beach, playing with the sand (or rather, small pebbles in this case), learning to navigate little waves and swimming with the fish! Now, back to our daily life, it all seems like a dream.

Mel Karlberg
At the beginning of the summer, she would not let go of the side.  She was terrified to be in the open water, even being held.  There was absolutely no way she would go UNDER water, and she even had to wear goggles in the shower.  And here she is now, mid-July, swimming everywhere, underwater, no goggles!

Meredith Rockefeller
The competitive swim season is drawing to a close this week, and last night we had one of our final meets, the Individual Medley Carnival: 25 meters of each stroke- fly, back, breast, and free.  My boys swam the in the same heat, in neighboring lanes.  One has faster times in butterfly and back stroke; the other is stronger in breast stroke and freestyle.   At the end, the one faster in breast and free caught and out swam his brother by two seconds, although they both had good times.  My favorite part was every time they surfaced for air, there a was a glance in the other’s direction to see which one had the lead.

Meredith Rockefeller




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