Our Year of Stories – 28/52

Meredith Rockefeller
Ours has not been the most traditional summer.  For her, all of the water sports and activities have been off the table for a few weeks.  We do plan to get those activities in once the cast comes off, but for now, we’re taking advantage of free time exploring other venues and possibilities. First up: the aquarium.  This little guy followed her finger for about ten minutes.  A few other penguins would approach the glass, or occasionally swim in our direction, but he was definitely the star.


Sherri Davis
Summer is meant for days like this. Puffy clouds. Homemade lemonade for sale. with a chalkboard sign. Boredom.

Sherri Davis Photography aswq

Tess Runion
“As ephemeral as our footprints were in the sand along the river, so also were those moments of childhood caught in the photographs. And so will be our family itself, our marriage, the children who enriched it and the love that has carried us through so much. All this will be gone. What we hope will remain are these pictures, telling our brief story.” ~Sally Mann


Carey Pace
We grew up in these mountains and I suppose part of me took all this for granted. This was what I knew a forest to BE. It wasn’t until we came back for a hiking and fishing foray into this wilderness that I realized this area of Pisgah National Forest isn’t like every other grouping of trees in this world. The way that wild rhododendron grow among the mighty trees in the Blue Ridge mountains is unique. The vegetation is so dense that so little light makes it down to the bottom. The stones in the icy cold streams are green with moss.  And oh how cold that water is! I’m so grateful they are growing up to know this pocket of our country as well as how the forests are in Virginia and Tennessee, to find the individual beauty of each little village of tree-hood.


Mel Karlberg
On a whim, we bought this kindergarten prep book at Sam’s Club.  Little did I know that it would become her favorite summertime activity.  She always asks for it by its full name, “The Crazy Big Book of Kindergarten Activities,” and works in it morning, noon and night.  I hope this is a predictor of a lifetime love of learning.




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