Our Year of Stories – 27/52

Mel Karlberg
It’s a struggle to get him to sit down for daily guitar practice.  He has 50 “projects” going at any given time, so there is always something else competing for his interest.  He’s in the beginning stages, just learning chords and how to tune, and it’s frustrating that he can’t make recognizable music as quickly as with a piano.  But he’s pressing on, and he enjoys his time as he strums.  I feel like he’s settling in, starting to feel more comfortable with the guitar in his hands, experiencing a sort of peace and escape while he’s playing.

Meredith Rockefeller

We spent last weekend in Greensboro, North Carolina at the USA Track and Field Region 3 Junior Olympic Championships watching the top youth runners from the Mid-Atlantic compete for a few spots at nationals. This kid has the greatest work ethic I’ve ever seen, and it was awesome to see him put it all on the track and qualify for the USATF Junior Olympic Nationals (1500m race) in Kansas next month. Although he’s acquired a game face (he used to smile his way through races), I know how much he loves running, and I love watching him succeed at something that brings him so much joy.

Sherri Davis

A week and a half into summer vacation, and we are finding our rhythm. Early mornings for me. 3 Hours of quiet. Yoga, writing, sitting quietly, then editing. Savouring the previous day’s souvenirs on my SD card. Pool, dry, play, repeat. Lazy afternoons in the shade. Hammock reading. Front porch sitting. Then sunset bedtime reading. All of us. After snores are heard, I’ll peak out the window to spy fireflies before I shut my eyes too.Sherri Davis_

Tess Runion

July 4th has always felt like the mid point of our summer and we had the perfect, low key holiday. Fireworks in the driveway, dogs on the grill, cold beers and close friends. The best way to celebrate our freedom amidst the chaos in this country. More on the blog…..


AnnMarie Denis

Every year right after the 4th of July long weekend, we pack up our bags, load up the van and drive 3 hours to Darien Lake. This is the one trip the boys really look forward to. The countdown to DL usually happens sometime around April. This year Paxton was really excited because he was going to be able to ride the roller coasters. My thrill seeking boy was not disapointed.


Carey Pace
This is how they spent much of the last week at Nana’s house. Somehow a tradition emerged that we spent the week around Independence Day with my in-laws in North Carolina. The weather this year was less than cooperative, sending thunderstorms rolling in approximately 30 minutes after we’d jumped in … all week long. But some pool time is better than no pool time. It warms my mother’s heart to watch them enjoying playing together, relying less on Daddy’s enthusiastic initiations and creating their own fun instead.

Cynthia Dawson

I love his long hair. It brought comfort to my momma heart. I think when toddlers don’t have a specific hair style, it makes them more “babylike.” I couldn’t hold on to his long locks much longer and gave in to a haircut. When I saw his new do’ I was shocked. Instantly, he looked like a little boy and that makes me wonder where the last two and half years have gone. Isn’t it funny how something so simple can turn all the wheels in your heart? Now, I’m focusing on how he is almost 3 and freaking out just a little. Who knew a haircut could do all of that?!?


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