Our Year of Stories – 26/52

Julie Mak

A big storm came through, knocking out our power. Fortunately (I’m being sarcastic here) the boys had their devices all charged up. O doesn’t like being in the dark and paused briefly to grab his head lamp. The storm was intense but quick, and luckily power was restored before nightfall.

Mel Karlberg

That freedom of staying in our pjs until noon, carefree in the front yard, sun rising behind us as we play… when I close my eyes in winter and consider summer, this is what I see.

Piper Anne

Kids and dogs and a couple of goats – what could be better?  Add a hay bale – now that could be better.


Sherri Davis

July is

Fresh, new

Full of promise

Of blue skies

And bright flowers.

Black eyed susans

And petunias


Butterflies, monarchs in the wind.

The wheat is golden

It warms like the sun

The singing, the buzzing

In harmony.

These days.

The best of the best.

Sherri Davis Photography-4345

AnnMarie Denis

This was our first trip to the beach this summer! We just love going to Grandma and Papa’s beach, it is very secluded and it is always full of cool treasures to find.


Carey Pace

We had a completely transparent inner-tube a few years ago that met its demise. Since then I’ve been on the hunt to find a replacement. I kept buying “transparent” floats but every time, every single time, once opened and inflated part of it may be transparent but the rest would be solid and opaque. I finally gave up the search. Last week when we were at the beach, I lamented this to my husband and he asked if I’d searched on Amazon. YES!!! I exclaimed.  Nothing to be found.  Thirty seconds later, he had what I needed pulled up and added to the cart. Oh well. They’ll be ready for next year.

Cynthia Dawson

“A good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have.” – Irish Proverb. This girl is so lucky to have such a good friend. We were blessed to meet this family almost five years ago and we all instantly clicked with each other. Adult friendships are tough. You need to find someone you connect with and hope that your husband and kids click too. Luckily, the stars aligned and we all get along so well. It was a super sad day in Texas when we had to say goodbye to them but with our move to Ohio, we are able to visit. Our most recent visit was so awesome! These two girls picked up right where they left off. Laughing, telling secrets and pretending along the way. I’m so grateful she has a friend like her.





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