Our Year of Stories – 25/52

Cynthia Dawson
A few weeks ago, we saw a rainbow driving home from our aunt’s house. By the time we pulled over and got out of the car, it had disappeared. I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to capture it on camera but trucked along, hoping we would soon discover another one. On Friday, when I saw this mixture of sunshine and clouds, I took her on a rainbow hunt. They sky put on an incredible show for us!

Mel Karlberg
I hope they always want to share this much, be together this often and appreciate one another’s company as much as they do this summer.

Sherri Davis
Is it Thursday yet? This is the longest week ever waiting for the last day of school.

Sherri Davis Photography bgt

AnnMarie Denis
A little letter to my oldest. You are strong and determined and sometimes you are too set in your own ways for your own good. Please try to listen when I talk, I really don’t mean to nag and get all in your grill all the time. I really don’t want to be this mother that is constantly correcting your or adjusting your attitude. I just see so so sooo much of me in you and I remember what a struggle it was for me to find my perfect balance. Heck, I still struggle. I just want you to be better than me. I just want the world for you! I know there are moments when you feel like I don’t love you, please please know all of these struggles are because I love you so much!


Carey Pace
We spent a week in our favorite of favorite places on this continental United States, a little island off the North Carolina coast called Topsail. I had lobbied all year for a big adventure trip for this year’s vacation to a new place with a new culture. But alas, my plans were not to be. We returned to this utopia of places. We had the worst weather we’ve likely ever had for our beach vacations in our family’s history of beach vacations. And then the way the tides turned out to be had us experiencing high, rather than low, tide during those glorious sunset hours that make my heart sing. But despite these disappointments, we all came home having had THE MOST relaxing and rejuvenating vacation we’ve ever had. And I think we all needed that.




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