Our Year of Stories – 21/52

Sherri Davis

Summer, summer

The newness of spring has morphed

Into the lushness of summer.

The skies

Are a cotton candy emporium.

Our mindset is shifting.

Like bedtime.

Later. Looser. Freer.

Sherri Davis_-6

Tess Runion

We are enjoying the start of summer and having our college girl home. Things feel complete again. And these two can’t get enough of each other. Oh my heart!


AnnMarie Denis

Soon our days of hanging out in the backyard alone will be over. The boys are almost done school and when that happens the backyard will be filled with water guns, soccer balls, a blow up pool and a slip and slide. It will be filled with laughter and squeals and lets be honest, fighting, and tantrums but it will be summer time. And everything is just better in the summer! Until then, let us enjoy the peace and calm of our lazy spring afternoons.


Carey Pace
Last fall we caught a rather large praying mantis and placed her in our creature habitat for observation. Little did we know but she was ready to lay her egg sac. The next morning we discovered the egg casing masterfully plastered to the bend of a twig my son had added for her comfort. Later that day we found a second smaller praying mantis and added him to the habitat. They soon became “acquainted” with each other, she ate him when they were finished, and laid a second egg casing the next day. For a while we caught her bugs and watched her stalk her prey. It was rather fascinating. We left everything alone over the winter to await for the eggs to hatch come spring. We were finally rewarded for our patience once day late last week when we had hundreds of baby praying mantises crawling all over the habitat that we soon released to our yard!

Cynthia Dawson

Yesterday, I heard a little voice that said “I cut my hair.” I ran into my bedroom to find him standing with a pair of scissors. Luckily, he hadn’t cut anything yet. He was just telling me his plans with the scissors he had discovered. I had a mini freak out at the very thought of him cutting his hair. I’m not sure why I’m so attached to his little shaggy mane, but I am. I love the way it curls up in the back after his bath and the straggler pieces that should be to the side of his face but always seem to fall in his eyes. The way it smells makes my whole body remember his baby days. Maybe that is it. Him having long hair tricks me into thinking he is still a baby.



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