Our Year of Stories – 20/52

Piper Anne

Bee’s have taken over our lives and he has become an enthusiastic learner of everything BEE.  I can’t help falling in love with these mysterious little creatures as I get swept up into this “secret life of bees” watching his passion to learn everything he can about them.


Sherri Davis

All around this land, the sound of pools being opened is awakening slumbering mermaids who have spent the winter dreaming of glittering water and shimmery waves. Like me, they long for these warm summer days. Could I too be part mermaid?

Sherri Davis Photography-7

Tess Runion

Still searching for photo ops as my kids have almost outgrown me and my camera. True story. Although I know they’ll circle back in a few years, in the meantime I crave just one black and white of our everyday. Until I get that, here’s a shot of a river and city that I love. And on the blog more images from our week sans kids.


AnnMarie Denis

You’re not a quitter, you don’t give up on anything very easily, but this might just do you in. You can’t seem to figure it out and it has you so perplexed. I love watching your thought process and how you tick. I hope one day you find the key.


Carey Pace
Once upon a time, a family moved all the patio furniture so they could scrub the pollen off the patio. Then when the mom went to put the furniture back where it went, the little daughter suggested they do things differently. She moved the dining area where the seating area was, and she moved all the comfy furniture near to the porch swing. And just like that, the eight year old made the best patio area arrangement possible that all four members of the family have been LOVING ever since.

Cynthia Dawson

I’m not sure what draws kids to dandelions, but M can not go past one of these flowers without picking it. If it is full of seeds, then she is making a wish as she blows them all over the yard. If they are blooming, then she can be found picking as many as she can to make a mini bouquet. Usually as a gift for me. I adore watching the wonder in her as each flower is a new discovery. With kids it really is the simple the things that bring them so much joy.


Mel Karlberg
I’ve started a 65 days of summer project to document their summer vacation.  Anytime I do a daily shooting project, I grow as a photographer.  Just a few short days into this one, it has become clear that I was becoming so intent on “seeing things creatively” that I had forgotten to see scenes for what they are.  My photography was always about capturing the moments, about freezing time so we could come back to those moments and feel there through the image.  Along the way, I went down a different path, looking for art with my camera and documenting the more surreal and magical side of their childhood.  I won’t stop doing that – it feeds something in me that I cannot ignore.  But I will document moments like this for them as well – a lazy afternoon, sun setting on the quad, Brother in his colorful lawn chair and M in her “cat house” below.  I don’t ever want to forget the enchanted everydayness of this giggle-filled summer evening.

Meredith Rockefeller

I know I’m a week behind on sharing, but I found them like this on Mother’s Day morning; huddled together in a bed sheet fort with their camping lanterns playing Minecraft.  I love that they still find magic in blanket forts, and that they let me sleep in (if only for a little) on Mother’s Day!

Meredith Rockefeller


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