Meredith Rockefeller

Our Year of Stories – 19/52

Meredith Rockefeller

As I think is fairly common with siblings close in age, my children are each other’s best friends and worst enemies; the title changes at any given moment, depending on the situation.  My house is either completely harmonious and they’re working or playing together well, or there’s so much bickering I’m threatening to send all three of them to Siberia.  This moment started in a playful manner, and then she went for his hat, and it was downhill from there.  I’m grateful for the silhouette, because I know I captured this during the bickering, but since I can’t see their expressions, years from now perhaps I’ll forget, and look back on this and see them dancing in pretty light.

Meredith Rockefeller

Renee Bonuccelli

She loves the kitchen. Loves to cook and bake. Not even the raw chicken and bacon stopped her. An all vegetable kebab was her encore:)

Sherri Davis

The sun was calling today.

To the beach you said.

But it is only May 13.

The lake is freezing. Too frigid to swim.

So you relented.

We filled the little pool instead.

The one the winter wind brought us over the fields.

The water from the hose is awfully cold too,

Because it comes from the same lake you wanted to swim in.

Sherri Davis-11

Tess Runion

After a long several weeks, hoping for the fog to lift and things to fall into place. Spent the weekend away searching for peace and simplicity. More on the blog here.


AnnMarie Denis

Hanging out with you boys is the greatest thing in life! You make me laugh, you love me unconditionally, even when I’m a grumpy bear,  you are sweet to the core and you also think popsicles at 10 am is totally acceptable!


Carey Pace
This dude has an addiction: ice cubes. He seems to love to grab a cube as he walks by, particularly at bedtime. The dogs adore it because they usually each end up with a cube of their own. I had been thinking of some out of the box light scenarios I should experiment with and that very evening he went into the dark kitchen to grab some ice, and I made him “freeze” so I could remember it.

Cynthia Dawson

When we bought our house last year, we were warned that the backyard floods “a bit.” Well this spring we learned that “bit” was actually quite a lot! After a few days of non-stop rain, the backyard puddles migrated to the driveway. We were outside picking flowers and they asked if they could jump. Remembering how much fun they had at their aunt’s house going crazy in the puddles, I said yes. Sometimes letting go of expectations is just what kids (and parents) need. They had such a blast running back and forth across the driveway. Water was everywhere but that didn’t matter. M told me it was “the best day ever!” I’d say that makes saying yes worth it!

Julie Mak

Ever since you were little, you have been picking flowers for me. Just a few weeks ago, you came back from a school trip with flowers you had gathered, carefully holding them throughout the entire outing. You are always so kind and thoughtful, you always know how to bring a smile to my face.

Kelly Jacobi

It’s hard for me to be excited about Wisconsin again. It’s gray more often than not. There aren’t beautiful coast lines or jaw dropping mountain scapes. Sure it has it’s beauty, but I think you have to look a little harder for it here in the mid-west. It’s more subtle. My mood and my creativity are woven together in the landscapes and skies that surround me in ways I have only partly uncovered. It can be equally exciting and exhausting. But this right here is what makes my heart happy to be back. At a moments notice we can be surrounded by so many people we love.


Laura Mood

The week leading up to Mother’s Day you were full of excitement. Every day I would pick you up from school and you would ramble on about the “surprises” you were making and every day you would ask, “How many days till Mother’s Day?” Sunday morning I awoke to hugs, kisses and a couple of the surprises you had made. We spent the day on the river and you truly were the sweetest you could be. As the day went on I got more pictures and love notes that I will treasure forever. Honey, you have such a heart for giving and I am so proud of you. Snuggling with you on the porch watching the sun go down while you ate your ice-cream cone was the perfect way to end a perfect day.

Mel Karlberg

This past weekend was Cub Scout Crossover Camp.  It was our first camping adventure as a family, so we brought two cars just in case the youngest didn’t take to the idea of sleeping in a tent and being in nature all weekend.  I will have to say she out camped us all!  She was all in for whatever was planned, from playing cards to going on a hike to jumping in the water.  She went to sleep at a decent hour and woke up happy with the sun.  To top it off, she was completely enamored by the idea of her brother getting promoted and stayed focused and excited during the entire ceremony.



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