Our Year of Stories – 18/52

Mel Karlberg

You are so independent.  It’s a blessing at laundry time, during baths and when we are carrying in groceries.  But then there are those times when you don’t want to wear the school uniform, when you decide your favorite food is now your least favorite, and when you bike around the neighborhood and I lose sight of you peddling your heart out.  You’re always a step ahead of me, making your own decisions, scaring me while also making me proud.  Your determination is good and bad, a balance, a true challenge that I know will make us both better people over time.


Renee Bonuccelli

Sharesies. She’s a generous girl:) More on the blog:)

Sherri Davis

On the rainiest of days, after several days of rain, during an equally damp and rainy spring, the proverbial dam burst and the kids went outside to play. “Mom, we’re not made of sugar, we won’t melt”, they tell me as they head outside, numerous umbrellas in tow. To recreate the umbrella fort of their memories, circa 2014.

Sherri Davis

AnnMarie Denis

Homework can be a struggle but you seem to take it in stride. Every night after our dinner is cleaned up, you grab your favourite pencil, the thicker one that you proudly say you swiped from school. You grab your eraser that your Papa has had since he was in highschool and you sit down on the bench and tackle the days math pages. We are trying to keep everything consisitent, scheduled and on track. You seem to deal much better with things when you have expectations and you set goals. You are a really smart boy but you need work on focus. We will keep working on that. I really do enjoy this image, of you being all studious!


Tess Runion

When no one will let me take their picture I always find myself at the kitchen window. I have so many of these similar shots. You can tell what the season is just by looking at my kitchen…the light, color, fruit, herbs, flowers, dishes and dish towels…whatever the clue may be.


Carey Pace

We have a tradition that we divide and conquer on Friday nights. Each kid gets to sleep with one of the parents for special snuggles. On this Saturday morning, you popped up out of the guest bed and went to the chair by the window. You were telling me about something but I had a hard time listening, because I was so taken with how beautiful you were sitting in that early morning diffused light.

Cynthia Dawson
The rain seemed to never stop last week. After endless days of not seeing sunshine and stomping in many puddles, on Friday we finally saw the sun. This little guy really surprised me by sining the old nursery rhyme, “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring.” I have never heard a song sound so sweet! The little toddler version was just adorable!

Julie Mak

Maybe it’s the socks, you realized as we got to the game that you forgot yours and had to borrow some. But for some reason you look much taller than usual, as if you grew overnight. And maybe it’s because I haven’t been able to watch you play as much this year, since your games often conflict with your brother’s, but all of a sudden you’ve also grown into quite the soccer player with an impressive corner kick and even a little bit of an aggressive side. I still think of you as my baby but I’m realizing that I won’t be able to do that for much longer.


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