Our Year of Stories – 17/52

Julie Mak
My birthday takes on a whole new meaning now that I am a parent. I spend so much time focusing on my children and family that it is somewhat out of order to stop and have any attention directed at myself. But today, my birthday, is a day for me to reflect, a reminder for me to stop and breathe every now and then, and to simply enjoy what I have. There is always another activity to run to, another homework assignment that someone needs help with, a seemingly unending amount of dishes and laundry. Despite the hectic pace and the lack of alone time, I have so much to be grateful for!

Kelly Jacobi
You were so excited to tell me you were the secret student. You spoke so fast and with so much enthusiasm I barely understood the concept. But I knew it made you happy and I knew that it made me want to pick up my camera with a vision in mind and not just because I was fighting to keep on top of my Project 365 through this funk. Your excitement is my excitement.


Mel Karlberg
It made sense that Grandpa raised the garden and Grandma tended to the flowers.  He was interested in the sustaining and the practical.  Grandma appreciated beauty and energy and connection.  She taught me that wisdom doesn’t only come from the quiet old man in the shadows, but that sometimes it comes amongst boisterous, glaring waves of laughter and hand waving.  Sometimes, her lessons seemed too obvious or even harsh, but important lessons they were.  Appearance is important.  What we see, the visual things with which we surround ourselves, have a huge impact on our spirit.  Taking the time to stop and take it all in, to find and create the beauty in our surroundings – I am so grateful for this lesson from her.

Meredith Rockefeller
Spring is one of our busy seasons, and every night of the week we are going at in least three different directions, as there are three of you and you each do your own thing.  Early Sunday morning as the sun was rising, before baseball, track, winter swim, and dive, there was a quiet moment of togetherness. I took advantage of the quiet and the light, even if the moment was centered on the tablet.  See more of this moment here.

Meredith Rockefeller


Sherri Davis
What adventure did these toes take you on today? An epic battle to save your kingdom from a ferocious two headed dragon. Could you have been scaling a mountain to touch the clouds. Or just maybe, you and a friend, a fellow rescue ranger of course, embarked on a quest to reunite the last two surviving duck billed platypus to their natural habitat so that they can repopulate the world with their majestic offspring.

Sherri Davis Photography-11

Tess Runion
For the love of Pete, is it summer yet? That is all.


AnnMarie Denis
On this particular day, we had taken away all of the electronics. I was just so tired of the battles and the bickering and I just wanted some peace. I kindly asked you all to go outside. I didn’t expect it to last long. It usually ends up that one of you needs to pee or that someone hurt someone else. The door slams shut, the stomping feet march towards me and I hear complaints. Not on this day, this day you guys found some chalk and a stone and you played the classic game of hopscotch. I didn’t even know you guys knew about that game! I was just in awe!


Carey Pace
It was Operation Remove Pollen for our patio over the weekend and everyone had a role. The entire space was wet, soaped, scrubbed and rinsed by everyone, but my heart went bananas over all the reflections. She doesn’t love the color red and doesn’t choose to wear it often, but when she came out wearing my favorite swimsuit from last summer, I was overjoyed.

Cynthia Dawson
I might have failed this year with certain parts of our homeschool curriculum. Maybe I say this a lot but I’m starting to realize constant doubt is just a huge piece of motherhood. I was unsure on the best way to “teach” science. After stumbling along most of the year with it, I feel like finally we have our groove. Noticing how to incorporate the bigger concepts in the the things we do already do has helped so much. When we got these sunflower seeds, I thought it would be awesome if you could watch them transform. You loved logging in your journal each day how they changed. It amazed both of us how quickly they formed their sprouts. Now you are busy watching them grow in the dirt outside. The lesson continues!

toledo photography cynthia dawson photography



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