Our Year of Stories – 15/52

Carey Pace
Last fall you asked to rearrange your room. It was a test of my convictions to let you have things that were yours and not mine. I didn’t like how you wanted to move the furniture. It wasn’t interior design aesthetically pleasing, at all, but you liked it. And that’s really what matters. I could have persisted and refused, or edited your choices, but I let you have your own room how you wanted it these last eight or nine months. The other day I tried to pin you down on where you wanted to hang your three new animal prints that you received for Christmas. During that conversation you confessed you wanted to move things back to how they were. My heart was so happy! We all adore the new floor plan. But this photo was one of the last days on your bed right by the window, before we moved it back. I think I will miss the light in this spot with this arrangement.

Cynthia Dawson

My little man has been a great sleeper. It’s not always the case with babies and toddlers and it was something I didn’t take for granted. After all, we struggled with two other little ones who did not always like to sleep. Some of that struggle happened after converting their cribs into toddler beds so when he started climbing out of his crib, I knew we might be in for a big change with his sleeping patterns. I was right! The days of long naps were over when he discovered he could get out bed. I mean why sleep when you can play?!?

I saw the idea of a floor bed on Pinterest and kinda fell in love with the idea. His room was already montessori style and this would just add to that idea. We decided to remove his crib completely and to see if we could make his sleeping space a bit more fun with a teepee. He loves it! While he doesn’t always nap anymore, it isn’t a fight to stay in his “bed.” I would call that a win!

Findlay Lifestyle Photographer toddler near teepee photo by Cynthia Dawson Photography

Julie Mak

Critical, post-Easter egg hunt negotiations were underway this past weekend. Very serious business. It appears as if there is a very hard sell going on.

Kelly Jacobi

We went to San Diego for spring break. We toured the SS Midway, went to the zoo and aquarium, spent beautiful days on the beach. But the highlight of the trip for me may have very well been watching this boy’s fascination with an old rotary phone on the Midway.


Mel Karlberg

We can feel it – that effortless pace of summer is just around the corner.  We are getting a bit lax with bedtimes and homework, falling into our school’s out attitude a few weeks early, soaking up this gorgeous late April light that signals the coming summer.

Meredith Rockefeller

They’re back in school today, but last week during spring break, they spent most of their time like this: catching frogs and tadpoles in the creek.

Meredith Rockefeller

Piper Anne

Every year about this time the babies need to be vaccinated and tagged.  It’s always a highlight to get to help giving shots.  Maybe it means she’ll become a vet someday.


Renee Bonuccelli

Water beads, otherwise known by the trade name Orbeez, are a hit in this house.

Sherri Davis

Lucy and Linus. Or is it Schroder? You know who I’m talking about. Hunched over, oblivious to the drama unfolding right in front of him. Even as she demands that he vacate her front porch immediately, he continues to compose his latest masterpiece. How dare he.

Sherri Davis Photography-7

Tess Runion

How the last couple weeks have felt…but we are now coming out of our sickness fog and getting back in the game. Going to have to do something adventurous this weekend to make up for our dreadful spring break. Stay tuned…





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