Our Year of Stories – 14/52


AnnMarie Denis

And just like that we returned to our old habits of spending our evenings on our front porch indulging in delicious summer treats and chatting with all those who pass by. Hello Spring we sure have missed you.


Carey Pace
Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a ticking time bomb. These days when you are so carefree, fun loving, and utterly un-selfconscious are so precious to me. Yet I often feel tempted towards what Brene Brown refers to as “foreboding joy.” How much longer will we have this childhood utopia?  Is it about to leave my grasp? You both play with so few toys anymore. You are growing up before my very eyes. I sense this need to cling to your childishness in an effort to assuage the fear. But that’s wrong. For in tempering the joy I feel at moments like these I do not get the result I am after, but rather dull the warmth of the happiness. May these days last a bit longer and may we both relish them fully and unabashedly.

Cynthia Dawson

One of the reasons we moved to Ohio was to be closer to family. After living the military life for so long, it is a nice change of pace to get so much time in with our extended family. We get to visit almost every weekend. Miss M knows when she is going to her aunt’s house that means treats (and lots of them!). When we were leaving last weekend, she told me “Mommy, I’m spoiled! I get to have so many popsicles and candy here.” She is right! Sugar high and all, she loves being “spoiled.” Check out more here.


Mel Karlberg
On winter mornings, I grab a cup of coffee and check my email.  In the spring, I grab a cup of coffee and check my veggies.

Meredith Rockefeller

The frantic, on-the-go pace of spring activities is upon us, and I spend most of my evenings in the car.  Little League is the closest to home, so more often than not, it’s the activity that involves the car pool; he doesn’t always have a parent in the stands at games the way his siblings do (out of necessity, because they’re the only kids from our neighborhood/school who do their activities, and therefore have to have us drive them).  It was nice to finally have a game that didn’t have a conflict, and have everyone in the stands cheering him on.

Meredith Rockefeller

Renee Bonuccelli

Sometimes a picture falls short in terms of telling the story. This is a picture of a last first. First day of ‘school’ for this little miss. She is going where her three brothers went before her, and with so much confidence and excitement! We packed her snack for school two days before and woke at the crack of dawn the day of! She just couldn’t wait for it. She was bouncing and vibrating with pride and excitement. Finally she gets to go to school too!

Sherri Davis

Ten years old. No more cuddles or kisses. Casually mentioning in passing that he joined the chess club at school. I have to wait outside the library while he checks out books and wii games on his own library card. Teddy bears are still prized, but spend their time in epic battles with other teddies. His wings are spreading wider and wider, while mine are having trouble keeping up.Sherri Davis_-4RF


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