Our Year of Stories – 13/52

Sherri Davis
Weekends in April are like practicing for the endless days of summer. For them. And for me. When the TV gets shut off. The coats get left inside. I start to get the cobwebs out of my brain, and my camera starts singing again. The days involve a lot of dirt under the fingernails, but that price is well worth the squeals of laughter from all corners of the barn/yard/playhouse/field.

Sherri Davis Photography-11e

Tess Runion
As a photographer, April brings with it renewed hope, adventure and creativity. And beer festivals, food trucks and live music! HA! More of our week on the blog!


AnnMarie Denis
You are always my first volunteer to help out with new household projects! I love your love of the new and your determination to get it right. This weekend was such a wonderful time, the sun was warming up the ground and our hearts, we really loved getting ready for spring.


Carey Pace
Every night as part of her evening routine, we braid her hair. This is especially important as I’ve let her grow it well past where I felt it looks best because she wants it “very long.” The purpose of the braid is to help reduce the tangling that comes in double force when you have curly hair. Sometimes on a Saturday, Friday night’s braid is still there in the evening. Even though she has always loved her curly hair, she is enamored at how the wave pattern changes with the braiding. It was at this point late in the day that she asked if she could take her braid out and feel her hair all around her.

Cynthia Dawson
Last week I felt overwhelmed with responsibilities, one of them being homeschool. We are so close to the end of our official school year and I still feel like we are figuring out our balance. School time can be a hectic with a toddler in the house. I have become a master at distracting him while trying to teach his sister. Sometimes he sneaks our school supplies and plays with them. I caught him sitting in the perfect light with the abacus. I couldn’t be upset with him when I noticed how focused he was on pushing each bead from side to side. His concentration was almost mesmerizing.  For more of the story, go here.

Julie Mak

Cousins are the best! Having not seen each other in almost two years (which is practically forever at their age), I was so pleased to see that they not only picked up right where they left off, but were able to get even closer.


Kelly Jacobi
It is far too easy for me to put everything on autopilot. Daily tasks and responsibilities become repetitive and require little thought after a while. In theory it should make everything a little easier, but honestly it ends up draining me. Without mindfulness there is nothing to refill and recharge me. We were driving home, I was exhausted, kids were whiny, we still had things to get done. I glanced out my window and saw the most beautiful sky and the beginning of a beautiful sunset. Instead of going home I took the next right and drove us to the end of a parking lot at the top of a hill. We played and watched the sun go down. As we left I knew we still had things to get done, but the kids couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we had just had and I felt recharged again. It was exactly what we all needed.

Lynzi Berg
Winter has lasted far too long here in upstate New York but April has brought new promise. I love that the days are longer and the evenings are warmer now. I can smell summer even in the spring breeze.  I know that most all of our frustration comes from simply being stuck inside 1500 square feet for the last 5 months and I struggle bringing them inside when there is still light.

Mel Karlberg
The spring sunrises are different, more misty and gradual than the winter sunrises.  It’s like the sun is ready, too, for the slower pace of summer.  The lazy, hazy days of summer.  The routine of no routine.  Of sleeping in and crunchy, chlorine hair dried by the sun, no rushing, no where to be.  The pace of summer … just over the horizon.

Meredith Rockefeller
This sight is a familiar one.  While my children all have their own activities, on Tuesdays, one of my boys tags along to his brother’s track practice, and at the end of practice, he’s always looking out the window to find his brother in the crowd.  I took the same shot last year, and while I don’t see the small changes because I live with him, when I get the chance to compare to the same moment from last year, it amazes me how much he’s grown and changed.

Meredith Rockefeller

Renee Bonuccelli
Love and laughter, this week has been just FULL of both. My sister and her (now) wife FINALLY tied the knot! After being together for 15 years we were all ready for this day! Good thing too, because she called me friday morning at 6:30am and issued the invite for tentatively the next day at 1pm.  The tentative was because they still had to organize it! lol.  Loved the spontaneity. It was a casual wedding and everything went off without a hitch. The image of the kids is exactly how happy we are to welcome another to our family<3


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