Our Year of Stories – 12/52

Renee Bonuccelli
The fact that his brother took off his boot “accidently” only increased the fun factor! We went to finally visit my sister in Fort Mac this weekend. It was our first visit since the massive wildfire had evacuated her (and the entire city) last year.  It was an emotional return for me, and an interesting lesson on fire and forests for my kids! We had a blast visiting with our aunties and ‘doing nothing’. The park, with a ginormous puddle, meant that the kids wore plastic bags in their boots as drying them in-between park visits was impossible! So much fun. I miss her and the park already!

Sherri Davis
Did you know that wearing safety goggles can double your inter-galactic laser guns power, enough so it can destroy not one, but two space portals at the same time. Epic.

Sherri Davis_-15d

Tess Runion
warmer, longer days. outside evenings. blooms. fresh air. renewed energy and perspective. Spring is here. More from our week on my blog! 


AnnMarie Denis
This was your first year on a team. Before this year you were the one cheering in the stands for your big brother. This year it was your turn. When you first started on this team we were not sure you were going to last. Your over a year younger than everyone on your team and you were just learning to skate. It has been such a joy and a pleasure watching you grow and blossom and develop a real true love of the game over this past season.  Not only can  you skate, but you are twisting and turning and deaking and stopping! I am such a proud mama of all of your hard work and it has paid off! Your team made it all the way to the finals this past weekend and we were all there loosing our voices cheering you guys on! When the final buzzer rang we jumped to our feet and laughed, yelled and screamed! The Canadians take 1st place! You are number one!!! I couldn’t have been more proud of you! And boy were you proud too!


Carey Pace
Two years ago exactly, when you were six, you struggled to choose the ONE souvenir we offer to purchase for you on a trip. So many stuffed animals caught your eye and you’ve always tended to suffer from Shiny-Object-Syndrome. Eventually you chose him: Panda. Both Daddy and I were annoyed because Panda was bigger than a Beanie Boo and you consistently ignored anything larger. We just knew this would go down as a huge chunk of wasted money on overpriced gift shop plush-ness. But you snuggled on the trip. We returned home and you snuggled with Panda each night. We moved from Tennessee to Virginia and Panda stayed by your side in bed. Two Spring Breaks later and Panda “is very special” to you, still. Panda goes with you everywhere you go, to be your snuggle companion, fitting perfectly under your arm. Occasionally you’ll ask us to tell you the story of how we were wrong. You’ll grin with a smidge of pride crinkling in the corners of your eyes. You had a moment of sheer and utter panic about a week ago when you thought you’d found a hole on Panda’s back, but I assured you it must have been a fluke. No hole to be found. Panda reminds me much of the Skin Horse from The Velveteen Rabbit. For you, Panda is absolutely Real.

“When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.” –Margery Williams Bianco

Cynthia Dawson
Her birthday passed and with it, her piggy bank grew. She got it in her head that she was going to buy a fish. She saved and saved and finally we took pity on her; we lied and said she had enough to buy a fish. Well we didn’t lie, we just helped with all the other stuff you need to take care of a fish. She picked out a pretty pink tank, rocks and a cute little princess house that would make a great hiding spot for a fish. Then after a few days of the water being the perfect temperature, she picked her fish…a neon purple and neon pink goldfish. We tried to prepare her that sometimes after you buy a fish and move it to a new tank, it might die. She seemed okay with that fact.

They both survived the transition. She loved checking on them everyday and sprinkling little bits of food into their tank. But, her little brother saw her tending to them and thought he should do the same. We quickly discovered that he poured too much fish food into the tank last week. The shock of all that food, killed her neon pink and neon purple fish. She took it so well.

Hopefully fish number 3 doesn’t meet the same fate and does much better.  Meet Nemo.


Mel Karlberg
I’m sure it happened gradually, but it felt like it was overnight – the light changed.  The sun is back to its summer rise and set locations, directly in front of and behind our house.
And I know it also happened gradually, but it feels like you should still be 2.  But, here you are, dancing your way into 5 this weekend.  I don’t want time to stop because I enjoy these moments so much, but I am worried that I’m missing some of them, focusing on the wrong priorities or looking the wrong way.
This sun and this big birthday have me longing for the lazy days of summer, where we wake up without rush and spend the days on lawns and sidewalks and in pools, where we only have one another to focus upon.

Piper Anne
We’re not really “ocean” fisherman – fly fishing on mountain rivers is more our speed, but, she caught on very quickly and even had the “old folks” coming over to ask her what she was using 🙂



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