Our Year of Stories – 11/52

Piper Anne

There’s nothing a little beach therapy won’t cure.

Spring break came at just the right time and we loved spending the week at the ocean – unwinding and unplugged.


Renee Bonuccelli

We had a blast at my best friend’s son birthday party on Saturday! The gerbil was one highlight, the reminiscing and laughter were the others:)

Sherri Davis

The stepping stones I spent my childhood jumping on too. And the steps I climbed each Christmas Eve. The sidewalk carved through snowbanks taller than me. Squeezy Cheesy on Ritz crackers waiting inside. A tin of mixed nuts and a nutcracker tucked away under the couch. But the true treasure. The thing we ran to immediately. The Blue Mountain Pottery candy dish. The one with the lid, keeping it’s contents secret for a millisecond longer. Each visit a different kind of candy. Even today, I can’t eat an Allsorts candy without thinking of my Grandma Ferris.

Sherri Davis_-2

Tess Runion

Her sweet profile, messy bun, pizza eating, always organizing little self. Soaking in her 12 year old world.


AnnMarie Denis

My baby is not such a baby anymore! 3!! Three years old now! I feel all the feels as we celebrate his birthday! I feel like I’m constantly walking down memory lane and I’m feeling so nostalgic these days. After all this is the last time I’ll be celebrating a 3rd birthday!!! 3 years of beautiful sunshine and giggles. This kiddo of mine is happiness to the 12th degree. We celebrated him this past weekend and we surrounded him with all of his family who loves him so  much. The happiness and joy on his face brought tears to my eyes. I just want to give him a world full of joy and a home full of love! We all love this little moopaloops so much! Happy Birthday Myles!


Carey Pace

I was so scared to have a girl, fearing I wouldn’t know how to raise one well. So badly did I want to both parent my children in the best way as well as foster an amazing adult relationship with a daughter. Then she was born and came out swinging. Life was so miserable for a few years while we worked the kinks out. I didn’t know that we’d ever have that kind of mother-daughter thing I see so many others have that I knew nothing about. Last week she went to her grandparents for Spring Break. It’s been nearly a year since she’s spent time away from both her home and me, and the homesickness nearly overwhelmed her. We compromised and I joined her there in North Carolina on Thursday. A double edged sword that alone time was, for my introvert heart needed it but knowing my little lady was overcome with torturous missing pierced me through. My only consolation was that I feel certain now that we are well on our way to that precious relationship I’ve always wanted.

Cynthia Dawson

Birthdays are a blessing. It’s easy to get caught in getting older but growing older is something not everyone is fortunate enough to do. I’m thankful for the outlook I have on life in general and know it will be passed on to her. She will know that birthdays are special. She will know that they are days to be cherished. M reminds me everyday how lucky I am to be her mother. She sees good in everything and is so enthusiastic about life. Her compassion and kindness is something I strive to. Happy 7th M! For more of the story, go here.

Julie Mak

By the time spring break rolls around, I am pretty much over with winter. But Whistler has a special place in our hearts; the scenery of course, but also the people, the familiarity of our routine here and the local spots we frequent whenever we come. The skiing is amazing but my favorite thing to do is walk the local trails.

Kelly Jacobi

You have so much passion and intent with the things that are in your heart and capture your interest. You are always ‘all in’ with everything you do. You remind me how much I want to live my life with similar passion and intent.

Lynzi Berg

I am so thankful for the opportunity to watch these boys grow but I sure can’t believe my baby is one!

Mel Karlberg

We spent Spring Break at Disneyworld.  This boy, the one who was so terrified of heights a couple of years ago that he could hardly climb on the monkey bars, dragged us to every roller coaster (Space Mountain, Incredible Hulk, Rockin’ Roller Coaster and more – the scarier it looked, the more he wanted to go) and rode them all twice (with the ride switch, he got to ride with each parent once, and he always chose to do it again).  He’s always been kind and funny and creative.  I never imagined he would become so brave.  I know it’s just Jedi training, but it was very real to him. Look at that face.

I would be lying if I said it doesn’t make me a little nervous.  I do want him to take risks.  I do want him to live life to the fullest.  The thing is, I’m not much of a risk taker; my nickname is Safety Pup.  I worry about the “what could go wrongs” and the worst case scenarios.  Somehow, he’s managed to slip away from under that example of worry and move onto challenging himself mentally and physically.   This is good, yes, but it is also terrifying, and he sees it in my eyes and always reminds me to follow his lead and also be brave.

Meredith Rockefeller

Meredith Rockefeller


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