Meredith Rockefeller

Our Year of Stories – 10/52

Meredith Rockefeller

We didn’t get as much snow as initially forecast, but what we did get was the wet, thick, heavy snow, and plenty of ice.  My kids have made the most of it this morning and are definitely enjoying their first, and probably only, snow day of the year!

Meredith Rockefeller


Renee Bonuccelli

Bedtime. That time of day that my children naturally get a second wind, ramp up, and make me crazy. Some evenings it’s laughter and giggles and other evenings it’s tantrums and tears. This night? Was a very, very good night<3.


Sherri Davis

Moss: check

Sticks & Twigs: check

Bark: check

What else is on the list? Some pebbles maybe. And a door. The fairies need to be able to get inside their house don’t they? Once the supplies have been gathered and organized. And organized some more. Then, and only then the construction may commence.

Sherri Davis_


Tess Runion

I could have snapped this picture at any given time of the day. This kid eats alot of pizza. Breakfast anyone?



AnnMarie Denis

A genuine smile and no crossed eyes! I call this a perfect picture!



Carey Pace

You’re a tad too attached to that little electronic device. Pokemon seems to have taken over our world. But I know that most likely this is a short lived phase. You’ll beat it and life will return to normal, as the temperature rises and we can return to the outdoors all evening. You determined the trade-in value of your old games and evaluated the benefit/loss of ratio of turning them in. I watched you shifting into more mature and responsible decisions. You had more than enough value left to purchase a second game, but you decided to hold off until you found something you REALLY wanted and found a used copy. The money (or value) wasn’t burning a hole in your pocket. Life lessons, right here, even in the land of video games.


Cynthia Dawson

Raising children seems to be a never ending cycle of different phases. Right now, J’s phase is not wanting to take a bath. Instead of forcing him into the tub with screaming and crying, I tried something else. Making it fun by playing in the sink. It worked! He loved the change of scenery and I actually got him clean without a fight. For more of the story, go here.


Julie Mak

It’s always such a joy to see when a school assignment actually becomes fun!




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