Our Year of Stories – 9/52

Mel Karlberg
Spring is coming and we are all just soaking it in.  I mean, it’s not like we had a harsh winter, but the idea of spring, of flowers blooming and school ending and longer evenings – you can just feel it in the air.  To see more of our week, head to the blog.

Meredith Rockefeller
We spent the weekend moving boxes and furniture to our new house, so our current one could be renovated so we can sell it.  The boys took advantage of a hill our backyard for wagon rides.  They’re definitely in love with their new outdoor space!

Meredith Rockefeller

Piper Anne

It doesn’t come easy for her, but she works pretty hard at sports.  It’s track season and this year she’s giving pole vaulting a try.



Renee Bonuccelli
A recent birthday in the house meant that we had to whip up a batch of brownies (instead of a traditional cake) for the birthday boy’s party! Lila got into the action and I quickly became obsessed with the light and different looks one little window can allow you to achieve. Click on my name to see some example!

Sherri Davis
Pink boots, do you remember that winter? The one that wasn’t? Sometimes the ground was frozen, but most of the time it wasn’t. And you only got to climb the toboggan hill for two days. The snow belt got more than we did, but they always have more fun. Your friends pink skates are sad too. And snowshoes say hi. They missed you this year.

Sherri Davis_-2

Tess Runion
We spent the weekend in the mountains soaking in the fresh mountain air and absorbing the peaceful feeling that lingers ’round them parts. A quiet place to refresh our perspectives.


AnnMarie Denis
Parenting is so hard some days. I struggle with my oldest some days. I struggle watching him sail through life, but not really try. I mean , try his hardest. This kid, he could do so many amazing things if he just put a little heart and soul into it. Take his hockey for example. He loves to play hockey, he really does, and he is good! But he could be amazing. I have seen him try in little spurts and when he gives it his all, he is incredible! But those moments are fare and few between. I find myself always frustrated but I bite my tongue. I never want him to feel pressure to perform, I just wish he would do it on his own.


Carey Pace
I lost count how many times I was told it was like I was born a “grown-up.” I have had to purposely teach myself how to play as an adult. Imagination and Story are so incredibly important to me for a dozen reasons, yet somehow as an adult with a overactive sense of control I’ve had to really focus on allowing my own heart to let loose and just PLAY. My children have helped immensely, particularly my daughter. When life begins to spin into the overly busy zone, we can count on her to pull an antic that leaves us rolling with laughter and remember what is truly important. These silly pillows have provided hours of entertainment. The practical side of me struggles with the concept of useless pillows, but the imaginatory side of me relishes it. Days like these are what will cultivate a creative spirit. She’s pouring into me ever more than I’m pouring into her.

Cynthia Dawson
I looked back on old images a few weeks ago of your sister. There were so many of her sleeping and I realized I only had a handful of you doing the same thing. You make it tough for me. You are an incredibly light sleeper and the click of the shutter wakes you. So I have to choose between you sleeping and getting a photo, I choose sleeping. But this day your nap time was creeping up on 5’oclock. When I went upstairs to wake you and saw you couldn’t be roused, I decided it was the perfect time to try for sleeping photos. There is something so magical about watching you sleep. There aren’t many moments in the day you are still and quiet. I will hold these images close to my heart to remember that.

For more of the story, go here.


Julie Mak
It’s fun to see what projects he gets interested in and I am in full support of anything art-related. This one involved Pokemons and tracing paper, I am always amazed at how much concentrating he is capable of since I don’t often see that side of him!

Kelly Jacobi
Somewhere along the way of having three boys I realized my parenting style was something along the lines of ‘just don’t break anything’. A vague statement I’m hoping they realize means bones and much as it means stuff. It’s been a learning process not to hover. It’s in my nature to say things like “slow down and be careful”; probably just like most of us mothers. It’s in my nature to want to take care of everyone, to make sure everything is easy as possible. But there is no learning in that, there is no adventure. Of course I want my babies to always be safe, not to hurt, to not have their hearts broken.  But I also want them to be daring and fearless and bold in their lives. To charge forward when fear wants us to stand still. I want them to be curious and explore. So ‘just don’t break anything’ it is, whispering be careful under my breath, and standing just close enough so they know I am there if they need me.



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