Our year of stories – 8/52

Lynzi Berg

It has been five years and two babies since our last deployment. I’m so thankful for the time that my husband has had at home but it breaks my heart to think about what his leaving again will do to this little guy. I don’t know when it will happen, but it will. For now I am soaking up their love.



Mel Karlberg
Recently, H said, “There’s just so many ideas inside of me that I feel like I can’t get them all out before I lose them.”  I know this about both of my kids, but it was interesting to hear it come out of his mouth, so perfectly articulating exactly how I feel as well.  Since we eat at our round breakfast table 99% of the time, they have started calling our dining room table the Art Table.  There is so much to be done during the week, but we try to gather in here as often as possible to help “get those ideas out.”  To see more images from our week, head to the blog.



Meredith Rockefeller

Even though I’m not all that fond of my upstairs hallway, and the lighting is horrible, it has always been a play spot for my kids.  For eight years now, my husband and I have been stepping over piles of Legos, American Girl clothes, and various board games.  Now that we are boxing things up to move them over to our new house, I find myself documenting all of their hallway activities, so years from now they remember the spots that were so integral to their childhood when we lived in this house.

Meredith Rockefeller


Piper Anne

Trying this braces thing again – as a family we have a sorted history with dentists and orthodontist alike.  I’ve often petitioned our kids that at least one member of the family either seeks a career in the oral professions or marries someone who has so we might have someone in the family on the “inside”.   We have dumped tens of thousands of dollars into our kids teeth, and yet they (meaning our kids) have still managed to tip the scales against us in our pearly battle.  I could compare keeping our kids orally healthy to doing laundry – you just can’t ever actually get ahead of it.  We’re optimistic though that her enthusiasm will mark our first victory yet 🙂



Renee Bonuccelli

My little artist. Any canvas will do!



Sherri Davis

If you think you are perfect, you will never be perfect. If you believe in yourself, you will be the best ~ Leah (age 7)



Sonja Stich

After so many days spent outside, the city feels colossal.

sonja stich


Tess Runion

With my husband already working weekdays in NY, the kids and I feel his absence. Our weekends have instantaneously become more sacred.



AnnMarie Denis

I have promised myself that at least once a week I would take the boys out on some sort of adventure. It really doesn’t have to be much. On this day we just walked to the park. We pretended we were characters out of the story We are Going on a Bear hunt. We discovered a swampy pond full of ducks, a cool stick fort and we climbed a mountain (a little hill but in our heads it was huge!) We found sea slugs (forest snails), we broke iceburgs and we chopped down trees! It really is amazing what adventures you can get into when you let your imagination run wild.



Carey Pace
[Anachronism: a thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists.] Everything about life in the last few weeks has felt an anachronism. The grass is too green for February. Daffodils are in their full glory. Periwinkle covers the woods floor like a thick carpet spread forth to cushion our path. Dandelions have begun to pepper the yard. Bradford pear and cherry tree blossoms adorn the paths of our neighborhood and school. And even you have been asking (begging, really) to do the slip’n slide.  Last Friday you laid down on your belly to admire the periwinkle you’d collected and began to tell me something I didn’t really hear because I was so distracted by this juxtaposition of the reality of eight year old you with what appeared to be sixteen year old you talking to me as a dear, sweet friend. Your third grade musical/play was the week before and each student had a chance to speak a heartfelt statement written themselves. I was stunned speechlessly proud when you spoke loudly, confidently, and sincerely: “I am proud to be an American because I know I can change this world and that means to me I’m free.” I didn’t even know you knew the phrase “change this world” let alone would adopt it for your own. You are a soul so fiercely pure I do not know how you came forth from me. An anachronism, but piercingly, beautifully so.



Cynthia Dawson

I admit that I’m not up to date on the latest toys. I had no idea what Shopkins were until we were picking out a birthday present a few months ago. Miss M instantly fell in love with them. The cartoon probably helped with that! She received two boxes for Christmas and has loved building with them ever since. Usually, her building sessions happen when her little brother is sleeping. Lately, he has loved to sit and watch…and sometimes steal her creations. That is exactly what happened on this day but they were able to work it out and continue on with their building.

Check out more of the story here.



Julie Mak

It’s been only a little over a week and we’ve already had several warm, spring-like days, but memories of climbing giant snow piles still remain.

Julie Mak Photography



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