Our Year of Stories – 7/52

Laura Mood

After her first front tooth came out, or I should say was pulled out by dad, she walked around with this snaggle tooth. Torn between the fear of pain (and a little bit of blood) and the excitement of another visit from the tooth fairy,  she looked like this for weeks. Fear was winning out. I’m happy to report that little sideways tooth finally fell out on its own.



Lynzi Berg

Long New York winters wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t also bring long days of sickness with them. This kid is always so upbeat and energetic that it is particularly hard to watch him get sick.



Mel Karlberg

This porch!  It will be the thing I miss most when we move.  It’s impossible to be on this porch and not be comfortable.  Everyone (including the dog) pulls up a chair and talks, laughs, reads, watches the weather and just enjoys life.  You can see more of our week on the blog.



Meredith Rockefeller

My sister welcomed this little man to the world on January 22nd.  Last weekend, we got to meet him in person.  I’ve been a mom for almost twelve years, but now I am finally an aunt, too!

Meredith Rockefeller


Piper Anne

One of the reasons I love storytelling through images is capturing everyday moments that would otherwise be lost.  I’ve watched as my kids have grown over the years and I’ve witnessed this scene countless times, but having this moment frozen in time is priceless to me as I feel her childhood slipping away into the beautiful young woman she is becoming.



Renee Bonuccelli

Spring in February?! I’ll take it! We barely bundled up to play in the park, skate on the pond and toboggan! It was a fantastic week enjoying the sunshine!



Sherri Davis

The ground is still frozen. And it is February after all, but the groundhog did say it would be an early spring. The tulips, daffodils and swans seem to think it will be too. You skipping rope too I think. Me, I’m not sure, but as long as the sun is willing to shine and replenish my Lux levels and vitamin D, I will take it.



Sonja Stich

There is so much to explore, so many things to play with and more often than not the days are too short. So, yesterday, I performed magic and gave you extra hands and eyes to get it all done before sunset.

Sonja Stich


Tess Runion

Our first visit to Albany, NY. So many emotions and so filled with excitement. More images on my blog, here.



AnnMarie Denis

Instead of doing a 365 project this year, I have taken on a bit of a personal project, Project 52 – With You. Each week I get in the frame with either just myself or with my loves. This project has been so good for my soul. It has empowered me, motivated me, made me think outside of the box and it has pushed me to shoot a bit more creatively. This weeks image is probably my most favourite shot so far.



Carey Pace
It has always been so rewarding, as your mom, to watch your relationship as siblings being just twenty months apart. For most of your lives you’ve been interested in similar things at similar times and it has served us so well. You’ve played together as children do, absorbing the blessings of having a built-in playmate at all times of the day. But recently I’ve noticed a shift. Your play and interactions have a different flavor. An older flavor. It isn’t better or worse, just different. Your conversations, jokes, imaginations, and games have a more mature essence. It is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, knowing that those younger days have passed us by. To walk into the kitchen and find the two of you sitting at the table working on a mad lib together (bathed in the sunlight that hits this spot for a blessed couple weeks each year) — I wouldn’t be surprised if you could see my melted heart oozed on the floor beneath you.



Cynthia Dawson

She gets super excited for holidays. She always has her own little countdown to important days. Last week she was so excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We decided to paint hearts so we could decorate the windows. She loved the idea of sharing the love with people who would be passing by. She was determined to make sure the perfect amount of paint was placed on each heart. I loved helping her with this fun craft! To see more of the story, go here.



Julie Mak

It always feels a little subversive to be at school after hours. While I had a meeting, he wandered about his empty classroom. Then he built a building and deliberately left it out so that it could be discovered the next day.

Julie Mak Photography


Julie Moses

I haven’t been to the local county fair for several years and never, in any of my previous trips, was I able to capture the carnival lights on camera. This year I wasn’t planning on staying after sundown either, but I’m glad I did.



Kelly Jacobi

Grandma got this teepee for Christmas for the boys. They love it, but I have yet to grab a photo to document their fun with it. Minutes before this I asked for a shot of him in the teepee. I got the biggest, cheesiest, fakest grin I have ever seen. So I waited. I moved back and watched him play with his dog on the floor in the little pocket of light. Giggles and the best smile came on it’s own.


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