Our Year of Stories – 6/52

Kelly Jacobi

We eat a lot of popsicles. But in all this time we have never bought the original twin pop popsicles. The excitement when you and your brother realized you had two popsicles was the best. We didn’t even make you split them in half. The simple pleasures of two popsicles and pretend vampire teeth. I hope you can always find joy in the simple things and beauty in the everyday.



Mel Karlberg

It’s hard to get them all to stand still for a family photo, even one in silhouette.  The dog had just finished a long game of fetch, the kids had been playing at the park, and the sun was hitting this fence at just the right angle.  So I got my family picture!  All 5 of us in the frame, with a smiling dog to top it all off!  For more of our week, head to the blog!



Meredith Rockefeller

We first met this little blonde cutie when she moved into our neighborhood three and half years ago.  She’s a force of nature with a huge personality and a wit to keep anyone and everyone on their toes.  One of her favorite rituals is hiding somewhere in our house a few minutes before the elementary school bus arrives in the afternoon, so she can “surprise” my daughter when she gets home from school.  On this day, she appeared at my door around 4:15, giving her about 15 minutes to find her spot.  She chose my daughter’s pillows this time, and popped out to surprise her as my daughter walked into her room after school.  After a successful surprise, she demanded to play airplane.  Having her around reminds me how much I miss this age, and how quickly they grow up.

Meredith Rockefeller


Piper Anne

Wisdom comes from many places, but there are hidden secrets that only a grandma can share.  One of those things is the art of bee keeping which he takes very seriously.  Here they have found a hive in a fence post and are making plans as to how they will relocate them.  More bee keeping adventures on the blog.


Renee Bonuccelli

We’ve been hitting the local library pretty hard the past month. Reading before bed is once again a solid routine around here. Every once and a while big brother helps me out with reading to the littles. Right now the books in heavy rotation are Not a StickPerfect Square and Art and Max. All three are so art driven and artistically inspiring (for me! and the kids too).  If you are looking for a book to splurge on or if your local library has these in stock – snap them up! We are on our second three week rental of each of them and they are not tired of them yet!



Sherri Davis

These days of childhood abandon. The innocence, a moment here, outside of Toys R Us. You can both be children without a care or worry. School isn’t even on the radar today. It’s Sunday. A day to be free and wild. And ride Road Runner backwards.



Tess Runion

Soaking up some of our favorite Richmond spots over the next few weeks before we take our adventures to our new city. We’ve been teased with a couple 70 degree days this month here in RVA so we for sure needed to take advantage of it!



AnnMarie Denis

You two are like peanut butter and jelly. Wherever you go, he is not far behind. He is an old kitty who likes the quiet but he will endure all forms of torture when it comes to you. You are just loved by all! I am really embracing capturing your little relationship. It is so beautiful to me. I only wish our kitty was a bit younger to hang with you longer. But instead of focusing on that,  lets just focus on your beautiful friendship.



Cynthia Dawson

This week you surprised me. Each day you decided to use the potty more and more. I honestly didn’t think I would be here with you already but I’m proud of you and your excitement as you become a “big” kid.



Julie Mak

Snow day!

Julie Mak Photography

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