Our Year of Stories – 5/52

Julie Moses

I grew up looking at catalogs. I would circle all the things I thought I needed, clothes, bedding, kitchen gadgets, or organizational supplies. You won’t find many catalogs in our house now, though. Not the usual kind anyway. If, however, you are in need of a musical instrument, art supply, homeschool resource, or photography gear we’ve got you covered.


Kelly Jacobi

Our timing in the morning is hard. Your oldest brother has to be to school first and much earlier. We then have 40 minutes between dropping him off and when you two can get dropped off at school. It is about a ten minute drive between home and schools. It doesn’t seem that bad until I was driving back and forth and never having enough time for anything. So now we pack a little snack, or sometimes stop for a breakfast treat, and head over close to school. When it was warmer we would play at the park near school, but now the mornings are bitter cold, so we stay in the van, we talk or watch a movie. Sometimes it’s soothing to not feel rushed, and sometimes you two are certain you can’t make it through the boredom.


Laura Mood

On the eve of SIX you are a hula-hooping, scooter-riding, art-making, joke-telling, bug-fearing, snuggle-loving BIG GIRL with a whole lotta heart and just the right amount of sass. You couldn’t be any more perfect. I can’t help but mourn the baby you once were, but gosh I am so excited for all the awesome to come!


Lynzi Berg

Photography has my heart but right now I am eyeball deep in a videography class and ya’ll…wow. This class is stretching me in ways I didn’t know possible. I feel like I get to read the best book, paint the most beautiful picture, and create the most accurate movie all at once. I can’t wait to see where this takes me.


Mel Karlberg
She’s not always a morning person, but she’s always a sun person.  We were watching the sunrise from her bed and then she noticed this on the wall and took advantage of her chance to “touch the sun.”  For more from our week, head to the blog.


Meredith Rockefeller

Last Friday marked the end of the 2nd quarter at school, so Monday was a teacher workday, and the kids were off.  Fortunately for them it was a beautiful February day topping out at 60 degrees.  They spent the entire day, sun up to sun down, outside running around playing football, hide and scurry, and enjoying the weather.  It hasn’t really been a harsh winter here, but it hasn’t been nice either, so getting a glimpse of spring was a great way to spend to a long weekend!

Meredith Rockefeller

Piper Anne


Renee Bonuccelli

It was show and tell for Reece at school this week. Naturally Zeus was the object of choice!

Renee Bounce;;o

Sherri Davis

Waiting. Waiting. Until the first glimpse of Daddy’s truck comes into view. Supper is imminent. And then let the “chasing game” begin. The kitten? She is waiting for her supper too.


Sonja Stich

I have always been fascinated by photos that give a hint of a story like a film still. I try to make photos like that, a glimpse into a scene that leaves enough space for the viewer to imagine his own story. Now I am learning how to make videos and I try very hard to make my videos look like photos because I don’t want to spoil the imagination. Here is a still from a video I took last week.

Sonja Stich

Tess Runion

Big news for 2017! New adventures, new roots, New York! We’re moving from Virginia to upstate New York! Crazy, right? A job promotion for my husband and we said, “Why not?” Can’t wait to document our excitement and new life as Northerners.

“When setting out on a journey, don’t seek advice from those who have never left home.” ~Rumi


AnnMarie Denis

It’s hard to believe that you will be turning 3 in just one more month. I’m going to hold tight to my precious 2 year old because this year with you has been so full of love, laughter and joy! I do however; look forward to seeing what year 3 will bring you, I’m just not so thrilled with the whole my baby is growing up part.


Carey Pace
You were so mean.  So incredibly mean.  You came out of the womb fighting mad. It was almost as if you resented the fact that you needed someone else, for years.  There was the time that I took you away for the weekend when you were two so Daddy could watch the whole NCAA Tournament in peace.  When we walked in the door to find Daddy on his knees, arms spread wide and awaiting his missed family, you went straight to him pointing a finger in his face and spewed, “You NO touch me!” You were the one who stood up to the bigger, bolder kids at the playground who cut in front of your brother. “You NO cut my brother!” you’d sneer in their faces. You were venomous to everyone for no apparent reason and it was awful. I cannot pinpoint a certain incident or day or anything in particular when things started to change.  But change they did and somehow you became incredibly aware of how others felt.  So aware, in fact, that how others felt became your focus.  No one can get hurt near you without you coming to their aid with an ice pack and a bandaid.  No one can feel distress near you without you making an “oreo cup” or fluffing pillows or bringing a nice drink or whatever else the moment needs. For so long I feared I was raising the Mean Girl.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have pinned you to be THE most considerate of them all.  The girl who spreads kindness and love and hearts wherever she goes.

Carey Pace heart

Cynthia Dawson

You didn’t ask for much this Christmas. It has never been your way to lust after things you don’t have and that is so refreshing since it is something I struggle with. One of the few things you wanted was a guitar. On Christmas morning, you opened the big box that contained your new instrument and exclaimed that you didn’t realize you would get a “real” one. When you pick it up and strum the cords, you play such a sweet melody. It’s quite impressive and I can’t wait to see how you progress.

See more of the story, here.


Julie Mak

We ventured down to Chinatown to see the new year parade for the first time! It was really uneventful for a long time so we played with those popper things to keep busy. All of a sudden it got really exciting! Two dragons and a lion appeared. Giving lucky money to the lion means we will have a good year ahead of us!

Chinese New Year Parade

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