Our Year of Stories – 4/52

Julie Mak

We made dumplings for Chinese New Year. He didn’t want to help because he was upset that I had put mushrooms in the filling. I told him that he had to at least make the ones that he was going to eat. So he did, begrudgingly, picking out each tiny piece of mushroom he came across. He’s not officially a tween yet but I know to let him work through his moods as much as I can since logic definitely doesn’t work and while the moods can be intense, they often pass quickly. Sure enough, after wrapping a few dumplings, he had moved on. Later, though, he told me that the dumplings tasted good, but “not as good as the ones we get from the store!”

Julie Moses

We have a love and hate relationship with this cat. Ems calls her Princess and loves her so much. Too much sometimes. Princess is endlessly patient with all of the “love”.  She pays us all back in the wee hours of the night though.


Laura Mood

Waking sleeping beauty- my favorite way to start the day.


Mel Karlberg
She has a school dress code, but accessories are not included.  Tights, shoes, bracelets, leggings — anything goes!  She takes full advantage of that and accessorizes to the fullest!  To see more of our week, head to my blog.


Meredith Rockefeller

Although our plans are not finalized and nothing is set in stone, our goal is to move this summer.  Not too far away, only 15-20 west of where we are now.  We’ll still be in the same school system, although a new school pyramid.  We’ll be closer to my husband’s work, which means far more time with kids for their extra curricular stuff and family time, too.  We are excited about the changes, but I have found myself reflecting on the eight years we’ve spent in our current home, and how much everyone has grown.  This spot is the landing at the top of the stairs.  It is a heavily trafficked area, yet it has always been their favorite spot to curl up with a book, a tablet, or even a board game (which makes walking by rather treacherous).    I love the light from the window, and watching how, depending on their needs/activity, they either choose to curl up against the wall, or seek the sun spot because they need the light to see what they’re doing.  This was a lazy Sunday morning for him, and he was watching an episode of When Calls the Heart on Netflix, so sitting in the shadows was fine, and I love how cozy he seems he with the light streaming in above him.  Although I won’t miss the obstacle course of getting around to get up the stairs, I will definitely miss how they made it their spot.

Meredith Rockefeller

Piper Anne

The sound of instruments and singing has filled our home for many years and what started out as missed notes and unmatched chords has gradually become beautiful music.  There was a time when I thought the sounds would last forever.  Now I know better and I cherish every note and I’m so thankful they have developed such a love of playing.  Sad will be the day when the air is quiet.


Renee Bonuccelli

Grade 7. It’s brought a roller coast ride to our lives. It’s not been without some twists and turns and stomach dropping moments.  This guy usually rocks long, wild and crazy hair. It’s one of my favourite things about him. It’s usually covered with a hat or toque (I’m Canadian, I think you Americans call it a cap?) because he doesn’t ever like his haircuts. I take this haircut to be the start of him figuring out who he is, experimenting with his individuality, bending to peer pressure and ‘what is cool’. It’s short. Styled with gel. Washed with smelly man smelling shampoo and conditioner. *deep breath*. I’m hanging on tight for these teen years, I normally love roller coaster rides, but I’m a little nervous about this one, it’s hard to see how it ends.


Sherri Davis

Every few weeks, I head to The City for groceries. To the store that says “would you like bags, or will you be using boxes?” I’m sure I could think ahead and bring reusable bags with me, but I don’t. I choose boxes every time. Good citizen of the Universe I am, recycling those heavy duty boxes that have hauled cauliflower, strawberries and pineapples from warmer corners of the planet. Sadly no. I pick boxes for their playability. Nothing lights up our house like a fresh stash of cardboard. Untarnished from sharpies, scissors or duct tape yet. The first duty for this batch was desk and chairs to write your newest novel. By tonight, bed and nightstand, where you plan on spending the night.


Tess Runion

When Hannah comes home for the weekend…



AnnMarie Denis

It is incredible watching these boys interacting with one another and developing a true bond. Last night was the first time Levi was able to read stories to Myles while I finished changing the sheets on his bed. I have been noticing an interesting trend with my middle guy lately. When his big brother is around, he is much more amped up. He gets into mischief, he is loud and anxious a bit. When he is alone, or when he is the big brother, he is much more calm, more quiet almost more sincere. I’m pretty sure he is just trying to keep up with his older “much more energetic” brother. This discovery had me thinking. I’m realizing I’m just trying to help all my boys navigate their lives. This motherhood stuff is tough, I want to give them space to discover themselves but then again I want to encourage them and help them find themselves and be happy with who they are. It’s a tough balance.


Carey Pace
You almost look me in the eye. You’re growing and changing so fast. Every January you become immersed in basketball. You are either playing inside with plush balls hitting paper targets above the doorways, practicing outside on the driveway court, or at the school gym for official practice or rec league games. Five years ago you played your first Upward game. Now you’re helping lead the charge. You’re navigating the contradictory waters where it isn’t about kindness and sharing and never breaking rules. It’s about strategy and skill and quick wit and the dedication of your teammates. I may not know a lick about sports but I can say with full assurance, I sure do love watching you play.

Carey Pace, basketball

Cynthia Dawson

I can’t bring myself to cut your hair. Looking at this picture, I see the shagginess is pretty extreme. I think by refusing to cut it, I’m holding on to the fact that you are still my baby boy. Realistically, I know that isn’t true but I’m hanging on to the last thread of “baby” I can find in you.


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