Carey Pace - A Year of Stories - Photography Boy Sand

Our Year of Stories – 2/52

Carey Pace
A year ago we began to read The Little Prince in anticipation of the movie. So much truth is held within those few pages. “All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it,” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry told us. So many times as we worked our way through the story I stopped and asked you to hand me the pencil. You didn’t understand why I would mark in a book, underlining the parts most striking to me. One day you will. But for now, keep diving in the sand. Keep digging your knees in the dirt. Hesitate not a moment to cover your hands in grit. Create the imaginary worlds you don’t think your mind can create when you merely read a story. Never lose how richly the world is filled with wonder.

Carey Pace - A Year of Stories - Photography Boy Sand


Cynthia Dawson
Going into the school year, I was a little worried. How would I be able to teach you everything you should be learning? Truthfully, there are subjects I need to instruct you that I feel like a fraud. Ironically, art was one of those subjects. I expressed these fears to a friend last week and she reassured me I was doing a good job. She said you had so many talents and maybe you would be an artist too. The very next day, we tried something new, a how to draw website. You were hooked! With every drawing you produced, my amazement at your talent that was waiting to be discovered has only grown. Maybe, I’m doing okay after all.



Julie Mak
I bought this toy on eBay for him four years ago. I knew he wanted one and I couldn’t find it anywhere else. He still loves playing with “little” things and while he continues to get caught up in the worlds he creates, now it is with Legos & Minecraft figures, not the Littlest Pet Shop. We rediscovered it while cleaning this weekend; it was bittersweet to watch him play with it one last time before putting it in the “give away” pile.

Julie Mak


Julie Moses
We’ve had a lot of rain here lately. It’s a good thing on so many levels. California was in a major drought. Now though because of these rains, more than forty percent of the state is no longer in drought conditions. It’s also been nice to have some puddles to play in again,



Kelly Jacobi
It’s hard navigating these teenage years. Finding the balance between giving you the space to find who you are and holding you close so you do not lose sight of things that are easily lost. Most of the time I have no idea what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong. I let my gut and heart battle it out against my fears and hope you and I come out on the right side of it all. I try and respect the fact that you are not a fan of my camera; especially in public. Most of the time I give you a pass and turn the camera to your brothers who are begging me to photograph what they are doing. But I show my love through my photos. All of the words that are too big for my heart to hold come out in my images, so you need to be there. So sometimes I pull you aside and tell you I need two minutes from you. I want to remember your 8th grade year when you wrestled with so much focus and determination. When you found a confidence and strength I always knew you had.



Laura Mood

Laura Mood


Lynzi Berg
I hope to have so many more photos of me with my kids by the end of this year. I look through our albums and I’m almost always missing. I want to be part of their memories too. So, here is to a year of selfies!



Mel Karlberg
The weather chased us inside for most of the weekend.  As you can see from H’s insane bed head, we didn’t care much what we looked like as we relaxed around the house.  For more of our week, head here.



Meredith Rockefeller
Now that we are a few weeks into the new year, I’ve had a chance to look through the photos I’ve taken during that time, and I realized that while I take a lot of images of my kids, I didn’t have all that many of all three together.  The simple explanation is that at least one of them is always at an activity, and they all do different activities, so someone is usually missing.  Today, I opt for one of all three together: my lunch dates over the holiday weekend.

Meredith Rockefeller


Piper Anne
Now that the temperatures are cooler outside the cleaning operations have been moved inside to the bathtub, but it doesn’t mean he likes getting a bath any more than he did from the hose.

Piper Anne Photography


Renee Bonuccelli
She loves the new puppy. Sitting with him is her new favourite thing to do. Regardless of his wishes. Thank goodness he has the best temperament and puts up with all her loving.

Renee Bonuccelli


Sherri Davis
One winter when I was a kid, it got so cold, so fast and with no snow on the ground, that the gravel pits in my small town froze crystal clear like a sheet of glass. My best friend wasn’t allowed to skate there, her Mom was afraid she would go through the ice, but my Dad went out and checked the thickness to make sure it was safe. Once we had his okay, we gingerly skated out, watching the sandy bottom drop off to the towering seaweed. We glided like sailboats as far as the wind could blow us, which to a bunch of kids seemed like miles and miles. And when we fell, we would lie facedown, peering through the ice to see what we could see. I will never forget seeing the smiling face of Colonel Sanders peaking up at me from a Kentucky Friday Chicken paper napkin floating under the ice.



Sonja Stich
I have always lived by the water and so do you. The soft purling of the river Rhine, cries of seagulls and chugging of barges are the sounds of my childhood, playing with jetsam we found at the riverside everlasting memories. I find it striking and comforting to watch your familiarity with the Mediterranean – which to me is still new. You know how far the waves will reach and when you have to run if you don’t want to get wet shoes. Because you are watching their movement for more than half of your life. You know to distinguish multiple types of alga, when and where to find them. Because this is what you play with when you are at the beach. Hopefully one day we will go back to the river, but I love that you always will carry the sea with you.

Sonja Stich


Tess Runion
She’ll be 12 this month. My little tween. Her night time routine is repetitive and her space is sacred to her and safe. She is always up reading in bed later than she should be. Usually the last one awake in the house. And most mornings I get to hear all about the book she’s about to finish or has finished.



AnnMarie Denis
I looked over and when I saw all that beautiful light surrounding them, I thought to myself today will be a beautiful day.  And this is just a simple thought and simple image but it is a part of our story. I love capturing the little insignificant parts of our story because all of them together add up to our entire story. And now I will forever have a memory of that easy going Tuesday morning where we stayed in our pj’s all day and played games and coloured because it was a snow day!


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