Our Year of Stories – 1/52

AnnMarie Denis – One 33 Photography
Hooray for New Beginnings! Our 1st week of 2017 has been nothing but incredible. We spent the entire week soaking up as much family time as we could since the boys will be back to school this week. The look on Levi’s face says it all, I think 2017 is going to be OUR best year yet.

Hooray for New Beginnings


Carey Pace
We knew when we agreed to move here that we were risking forsaking childhood memories of snow. Further east, lower elevation, and less mountainous. All things working against the gift of mighty snowstorms. We knew there were years, sometimes seasons of years, where this new place went without snow at all.

I bought the gear anyway. I always have, every year in new sizes. Always a gamble whether it would go unused.

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Cynthia Dawson
Sunday mornings are typically slow for our family. We all wake up kinda late, if the little ones sleep in, and usually stay in pjs until lunchtime. I decided I should probably wash our sheets since I was slacking with those duties, and seconds after putting them in the washing machine I had two little monkeys take over our naked bed. Dust from moving all the blankets around was floating everywhere and the second they saw that, their imaginations took over. They pretended the bed was water and splashed around. They pretended to be doggies and bark at each other. And they pretended to smack each other with pillows…well they didn’t really pretend on that one. I always love documenting these kinds of moments with them. The moments when the fun unfolds naturally and their imagination is in charge.

For the rest of the story, go here.

cynthia dawson photography


Julie Mak
Lately he has been wanting “sleepovers.” He brings his pillow, cup of water and all of his “friends” with him (this evening we limited him to two) and arranges everything just so. Sometimes I get snuggles but more often than not I end up with an elbow in my back or sometimes even a foot in my face. Despite being tired the next day I know this stage won’t last forever, and that reminds me to enjoy it while I can.

Julie Mak Photography


Julie Moses
Friday’s annual oncology appointment marked five years of remission from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for my now fifteen-year-old son. He was initially diagnosed a month before his tenth birthday. He now towers over his doctor.

Friday's annual oncology appointment marked five years of remission from Hodgkin's Lymphoma for my now fifteen year old son. He was initially diagnosed a month before his tenth birthday. He now towers over his doctor.


Kelly Jacobi
My youngest. You’ve wanted to go to school like your older brothers since you were 2. This year you went to half day preschool. The first day  you were so excited you barely remembered to hug me goodbye. You still love school but now every day you tell me, I really missed you today mom. Then you remember you have something in your backpack for me and move at the speed of light to retrieve them. You are bursting at the seams with excitement to show me the photos you’ve drawn for me when you get to grandma’s house after school. Every day I pull out quite the stack of drawings from your backpack. Grandma must go through a ream of paper a week. More than half of those photos you’ve drawn are of you and me and lots of hearts. I will never tire of these stick figures and hearts. Though I’ve usually just seen one the day before my heart bursts all over again each and every day because of your thoughtfulness and endless love.

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Laura Mood
This loom was on her Christmas list since she was introduced to weaving at summer camp. Watching her excitement over making her own scarf almost made me wish I hadn’t waited till Christmas.



Lynzi Berg Photography
Being the baby means getting to do whatever you want, right? The New Year has been rough going so far but this little monster has kept us smiling at every turn. No blog post this time but I’m shooting! I hope to be up and raring to go in the next couple of weeks. For now, I leave you a mess.

Lynzi Berg


Mel Karlberg
One of my resolutions this year is to diffuse stressful situations and to be the calmest person in the room.  Part of that involves picking my battles, deciding what is really important and what I am making into a bigger deal than needed.  In honor of that, I present to you a 4-year-old riding on the side of a cart (not just any cart, but the impossible-to-steer double-seater that why would you pick if you weren’t going to use the seats!) in a princess dress (that she wore to church).  For more of my 365 project, head here.



Meredith Rockefeller
The first snowfall of the winter season meant the kids were more than ready to get suited up and out into the snow to play.  Of course with these two, it only took about thirty seconds before they turned their playing outside into a huge snowball fight.  For more of their afternoon outside, visit here!

Meredith Rockefeller


Piper Anne
Life is slower here in Texas.  Moving has a way of stripping your life of busy schedules filled with activities, friends and responsibilities and gifting you with the opportunity to start over – to reflect and to reprioritize.  The kids have decided “feeding time” is one of those new responsibilities they are happy to have.



Renee Bonuccelli

Renee Bonuccelli


Sherri Davis
I guess it’s suitable that I start this year off in the dark. It seems like it is dark all the time. Even when the sun is up, everything just seems darker. And cold. Even right now I am bundled up in a cozy blanket. We are just patiently waiting for the snow to catch up with the season. And then winter fun can begin. We sit, cuddled in blankets. Reading, playing board games we got for Christmas. Chess, chinese checkers, solitaire. Brett has head his head in a book since he unwrapped his complete set of Harry Potter books. While the river and pond freeze and thaw, freeze and thaw. We quietly sit waiting until winter settles in long enough to lace up our skates and feel the icy air in our lungs to wake up up from our hibernation.


Sonja Stich
The beginning of this year we spent in our home country with family and friends, christmas traditions and even a little bit of snow and ice. It was a good start. More photos are here.

Sonja Stich


Tess Runion
Our height wall. A snapshot of our babies’ growth. Every New Year’s Day we make a new, higher mark. A mark of pride and reflection.


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